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National Pie Week: Rabbit, Mushroom, & Leek

Our pie for today is a traditional game pie. You can’t get much more local than this option!

The rabbits for our Rabbit, Mushroom, and Leek pie come from land and farms around Hudswell. They are poached so they become super tender and to create a stock which is made into a sauce enriched with cream, salt and pepper, and then combined with sautéed mushrooms and leeks for the filling.

As always, it’s proper pie with proper short crust pastry, and is served with our meat gravy… because our meat gravy is great with everything.

If we had a controversial pie, this would be it, but we definitely have some die-hard fans!

The George and Dragon: Rabbit, Mushroom, & Leek Pie
Rabbit, Mushroom, & Leek Pie

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