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Beer of the Week at The G&D

Beer: IPA, Alc 5.0% vol £3.50 a pint This IPA is made with 100% British ingredients. This simple but full-bodied IPA delivers earthy, rich hop flavours but punchy citrus and grapefruit aromas. The body is balanced with a firm bitterness (50 IBUs) and lingering dry finish.

Brewery: McColls

Why we like McColl's

McColl's is a small local brewery located in Teesdale, County Durham. They produce good beers using British ingredients. We always have a nice chat with Danny when he rings!

Why we like IPA

IPA is unfiltered and full bodied with a hazy appearance. Being unfiltered allows all of the flavours to come through that would normally be removed during the filtration process; and because it is unfined means that it’s vegan friendly! Even though it uses English hops it produces the more fruity flavours that you usually find with American Hops.

We think it’s perfect for this week's sunny weather!

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