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Beer#6: Tiny Rebel, Cherry Bomb, a visit to the sour side

Beer#6: Tiny Rebel Brewing Co., CHERRY BOMB, Cherry Sour 5%

Tasting Notes: Explosively sour, Cherry Bomb is packed full of sweet cherries that round off this modern take on a kriek. The sourness detonates on your tongue in an explosion barely contained by your cheeks, before the rich flavour of cherry kicks in as the dust settles.

Modern take on a what? Kriek?? Kriek is a type of fruited sour beer which originated in Belgium. Traditional kriek is made through spontaneously fermented lambic beer. The name is derived from the Flemish word for a type of cherry (kriek). Tiny Rebel's modern take means it's a sour beer but it's not a lambic, it uses a kettle souring technique which doesn't require two years in a barrel.

Brewery: Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. We generally stick to local independent breweries at The George & Dragon, but we can't help ourselves with Tiny Rebel. They hail from Newport, South Wales and are worth every extra mile. We often have something of theirs on tap it's just that good. Opening in 2012 they are Wales' youngest and only Welsh brewery to have won Champion Beer of Britain, amongst a plethora of other awards.

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