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Beer#5: Back to beer, and a collaboration between Rooster's and Oskar Blues Brewery

Beer#5: Rooster's Brewing Co., Finkle & Einhorn, Cask Conditioned - Extra Brut - Pilsner (Anniversary collaboration with Oskar Blues Brewery, 4.9%

Tasting Notes: Brewed using lager malt and a Bavarian yeast strain, before being finished with Champagne yeast, Finkle & Einhorn is a crisp and refreshing, extra brut pilsner, with notes of honeyed biscuit and aromas of pinot blanc, honeysuckle, and blackberry jam.

This one sounds intriguing! What's this about Champagne yeast you wonder? Adding Champagne yeast does a few things to the brewing process. It provides a secondary fermentation which is what is meant by cask conditioned. This allows the yeast to convert more sugars and create those lovely little bubbles we like in Champagne. Those little bubbles better release the aroma and flavour as they ascend the glass and break the surface. The gentler fizz also adds to that characteristic mouthfeel and bone dry finish you get with Champagne. Basically this is just a cask-conditioned lager! Sounds ideal right? This is definitely one you'll need to try at the festival.

Brewery (ies): This is a collab between two stonking good breweries. Rooster's Brewing Co. based in Knaresborough, has been around since 1993. We love that they experiment and innovate, as new beer styles evolve and customer curiosity grows. They are a regular guest ale at G&D. Oskar Blues Brewery is way across the pond in Colorado, North Carolina. They've been around since 2002 and started out as a brew-pub and has expanded from there; breweries, music, restaurants, I could go on...

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