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Beer#4: CIDER! It's not always about beer

It is a beer, cider, and cheese festival after all. And we have some cracking ciders lined up as well.

Cider#1: Hallets PX Sherry Finished Cider, Medium, 6% (Limited Edition)

Tasting Notes: Hallets PX Cider is a blend of standard cider apples. The cider has been fermented and then matured in PX Sherry casks to give it a slightly sweet flavour but still on the medium scale and retaining the apple flavour. It is gluten free and vegan.

What does maturing in Sherry casks do to cider you ask? Most notably used as a method for maturing whisky, In whisky making, a distiller wants a cask to contribute flavour to the maturing whisky; well it's the same with cider making. Aging in sherry casks will impart flavours from both the sherry soaked into the casks, and the wood itself, you'll find flavours such as clove, resin, dried fruit and tannin.

Farm: Hallets Real Cider, based on Blaengawney Farm on the flood plain of The Severn, (definitely further afield with this one!), they use old traditional methods of cider making from fresh cider apples and apply a new philosophy to their production, stealing a few techniques from wine makers along the way.

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