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Beer#3: Something for the dark fans

Our beer #3 is a bit of a change, on to one for the dark beer fans. We are heading across the border for this one, to County Durham *gasp*! We do this when it's worth it.

Beer#3: Sonnet 43, THE RAVEN, Bourbon Milk Stout, 4.3%

Tasting Notes: Oats and a multitude of malts give this sweet stout its sumptuous base. Expect bitter, yet silky chocolateyness from cocoa nibs and chocolate malt, giving way to the smoky sweetness from ageing in bourbon liquor oak casks. The Raven is a moreish combination and certainly not a case of ‘nevermore'. Notes come from Sonnet 43, we couldn't word it better!

Is there milk is this sumptuous brew you ask? Well, not really. It does however have unfermentable lactose which is a byproduct of the cheese-making process. It has been added to give the dark, thick ales, a sweetness. Beer yeasts have a hard time digesting lactose, just like our human lactose-intolerant counterparts, so the lactose remains giving the brew a sweet taste.

Brewery: Sonnet 43 Brew House isn't just a brewer, they also have a series of pubs spread across the North East. The name Sonnet 43 was inspired by the Victorian poet Elizabeth Barret Browning, who was born and raised in Coxhoe, County Durham, the village their brewery calls home. How poetic!

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