Given that the user group now numbers over sixty people, we have new residents in the village joining us and the app is increasingly popular, the administrators feel it is sensible and prudent to set out some basic guidelines for those accessing and posting on the app. The following will make clear the purpose of the Hudswell Assist Group and the expectations of those using it in the future.




The purpose of the group is to be a message platform for residents of Hudswell to communicate, seek or share local information and notifications, relevant to supporting an inclusive community, focused on life in Hudswell and District Parish.




At all times, users are asked to be mindful of the aims and the purpose of the group and although good natured banter is acceptable, no personal comments, disparaging or controversial opinions are welcome.

Other forums are available elsewhere or could be created should any users wish to involve themselves in this sort of discussion.

Please only post between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. unless there is an emergency.


The George and Dragon is not affiliated with Hudswell Community Assist Whatsapp Group and not liable for anything said within the group. 

It is donating part of its website to host the guidelines only.